Ecowater eVolution     Compact 200    Water Softener

Compact 200 Ecowater Softener(Up to 7 person household). This stylish, smart, well designed water softener from the worlds leading manufacturer, Ecowater, guarantees to remove 100% limescale from your home.

Intelligent Technology

This product gives you the power to monitor your water usage, let’s you know when to add salt and gives you peace of mind when traveling. You can access your system from virtually anywhere and receive on-demand alerts via email, text or by connecting to the secure site. This technology will give you increased visibility to your water softener and water usage helping to ward off potential issues before they happen. Once the conditioner/refiner is connected to Wi-Fi you will be able to view softener status, register the softener to your dealer, and set up alerts.

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Alerts and Features
The following alerts will notify you with an email or a text if any of these conditions exist. Any combination or all of these alerts can be selected to give active notification.

  • Low Salt Warning – sends an alert when salt needs to be added to the softener.
  • Flow Monitor – sends an alert if conditioned water has been flowing for an extended period of time. Both the duration and flow rate can be changed.
  • Excessive Water Use – sends an alert if significantly more conditioned water has been used than average for your home.
  • Softener/Refiner Error – sends an alert that an error code condition exists on the water conditioner/refiner.
  • Service Reminder – sends an alert that the conditioner/refiner is due for service.
  • System Connection Status – sends an alert to let you know that the Wi-Fi connection has been lost.
  • Regeneration Start – regeneration can be started remotely from your dashboard.


With 80 years of experience on research and development, the Ecowater technology in this water softener, makes it the most economical water softener on the market. With water meters that track your water consumption, computer chips that store and provide all data on your water softener from date of istsallation, to proportional brining and countercurrent regeneration, this range of water softeners ensure you have the most economical and intelligent water softener on the market.

1. Technically advanced but easy-to-use electronic control panel, holding a number of attractive features
The maximum saving of water and salt for regeneration (up to 50%), include thanks to the countercurrent regeneration (cleaning deposits from the decks of the more “dirty”) and regeneration system of proportional (the amount of supplies needed for the regeneration matched to the degree of exhaustion of the ion exchange capacity of the bed)

Intelligent electronics which starts regeneration based, inter alia on existing and projected water consumption in user-selected times (eg. at night)

2. The patented electronically controlled head
Robust design can withstand large fluctuations in pressure and poor quality of tap water With extra rinse cycle the bed in the case of water with an increased withstand large fluctuations in pressure and poor quality of tap water with extra rinse cycle the bed in the case of water with an increased of valves) no risk of rust or corrosion (no contact of any metal parts with water)

Water-Softener-Ecowater-EvolutoionScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.20.01 p.m.3. Unique, practical bypass valve by-pass, mounted on the back of the device
Durable, made of materials that are safe for health forcing the piston bypass makes the water does not flow through the device, which, if necessary, to detach the device from the system, does not cause interruptions in water supply at home


4. Innovative digital display
Intuitive menus in the selected language (eg. Polish) automatic backlight screen in a dark room for Maximum Comfort data protection system protecting the memory of the device against loss, even in the case of 72-hour power outage

5. The water dispenser having a diameter of 1
Greater efficiency of the device lower pressure losses

6. High quality filter bed
Special ion-exchange resin to ensure high ion exchange capacity (the ability to produce large quantities of soft water between regenerations)

7. Brine valve equipped with a safety a safety shut off
Automatic adjustment of the amount of brine by the driver (matching the amount of water and salt to the degree of depletion) Alarm low level of salt (flashing LED indicates the low level of salt) filling the brine tank is the first phase of regeneration, and so after the tank is not in arrears water less risk of so-called. salt deposits less risk of flooding brine room where the appliance is in case of mechanical damage to the salt tank

8. The patented self-cleaning baskets Distributor
Reliable operation thanks to the simplicity of design and high-quality materials

9. Multifunctional housing
Made of high density polyethylene impact resistant and deforming a housing which is also a container for salt automatic lighting inside the housing to facilitate sprinkled salt in dark environments (eg. cellar)


Technical Spec

Capacities/salt dose (°Fm³/kg) 30/0.4, 49/0.9, 65/1.6
Resin quantity (litres) 10.5
Service fl ow/min 15
Max. clear water iron (PPM) 0
Capacity salt tank (kg) 27
Dimensions (cm) Total height: 552mm, Depth: 463mm, Width: 325mm
Min. fl ow rate for a regeneration (l/min) 11
Operating water pressure limits (Bar) 1.4 to 8.6
Operating water temp. limit (°C) 2-49 °C
Electrical rating Transformer 240 VAC to 24 V AC

This data is WQA certified.


Ecowater offer the longest genuine warranty for water softeners with up to 15 years warranty on their water softeners.

Maintenance & Service

Ecowater recommend a service on your water softener year 3, year 5 and then every year after that. This will ensure your water softener system in kept in good condition, efficient and lasts longer. Our service team will contact you on the years when service on your water softener falls due. A full service of all the moving parts of your water softener will be completed with a full check of your system and water test. This takes approx. 45 minutes to complete.