Water Filters

Water Filters

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Rentals from €3.99 per week
6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Rentals from €3.99 per week
10″/20″ Carbon Filter
Water Filter Taps
10″/20″ Sediment Filter


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Water Filters in the Home


Answers & Questions

Which water filter to buy
There are a range of water filter systems you can buy for your home. It is best to speak to our staff and get some advice on which water filter system suits your home.
Water filter prices
Prices vary on water filter systems. It is important to get a quality water filter with high specification filters that will last.
What's in tap water
The mains water supply contains chlorine, lead, aluminium, and also fluoride. Many people have concerns about these contaminants and install water filters as an alternative. Our range of filters guarantee to remove these contaminants.
Fluoride in water
Information on health affects of fluoride is available on line. Visit www.thegirlagainstflouride.ie for more information.
Our Reverse Osmosis filters reduce fluoride. View Cert.
Lead in water
There have been several articles on lead in water in Ireland over recent years. Visit the links below for more information. We have a range of filters to remove lead.
Water filter taps
We have a range of water filter taps. Standard single tap or tri-flow taps.
The comfort of water filters
Water filters in the home offer the quality of bottled water without trips to the shop!
Installation of water filters
Water filters are installed under your kitchen sink. Simple, neat tidy and very convenient. Approx 45 minutes to install and a lifetime of pure water.