Clack Water Softener


Clack Water Softener Range – From small to large households, Clack have a water softener to suit any household. Our staff will be happy to help you choose a size to suit your home. Clack water softeners have become one of the most popular choices in water softeners in Ireland in recent times due to their proven track record in providing soft water using reliable technology. The best components determine the best water softeners. The valve, tank and resin used in a water softener determine the quality. Clack, have been leaders in the water industry for over 50 years. Clack water softeners are a worldwide trusted brand and have become the most popular choice of water softener in Ireland next to the Ecowater range. A simple professional installation and a lifetime supply of soft water. That’s our guarantee. Complete satisfaction.



Clack Water Softener Technology
Clack TM are one of the largest water softener manufacturers worldwide. Their digital technology and smart operating principles ensure they remove 100% limescale with low running costs.
Clack quality components and simple design and leading technology ensures a lifetime of soft water.
Clack water softeners are available with a time clock or a water meter. The choice is yours.
Bypass valves are available with clack water softeners to allow you shut the system off easily.

Time Clock Water Softeners
The time clock model is set to regenerate based on average water consumption and is preset by the technician who installs the system.

Water Meter Water Softeners
Water meter models track the water consumption in your home and systems only regenerate when they need to using less salt and less water. This makes them a more efficient water softener.


NSF, Gold Seal

Technical Spec

Model 10 Litre 20 Litre 30 Litre
Width 34cm 34cm 34cm
Height 63cm 81cm 109cm
Depth 59cm 59cm 59cm
Service Flow 0.4 m3/hr 0.8 m3/hr 1.4 m3/hr


Clack offer 5 year warranty for water softeners.

Maintenance & Service

We recommend a service on your water softener year 3, year 5 and then every year after that. This will ensure your water softener system in kept in good condition, efficient and lasts longer. Our service team will contact you on the years when service on your water softener falls due. A full service of all the moving parts of your water softener will be completed with a full check of your system and water test. This takes approx. 45 minutes to complete.