10” /20” Sediment Filter

10” /20” Sediment Filter

These water filters can be installed for the whole house or just for drinking water. Well water can be dirty or contain iron or manganese. These filters are ideal for low levels of sediment, iron or manganese in water, and protect your appliances and household from the affects of sediment build up. These water filters can also be installed under the kitchen sink with a separate tap for drinking water.


What they do
These filters remove Sediment, Iron and Manganese


Nsf, gold seal, ce, iso9001

Technical Spec

Sizes vary depending on filter type.


5 years parts & labour with every water filter system installed.

Maintenance & Service

Water Filters need replacing each year. Some water filters need replacing every three years. Our service team will contact you on the years when water filters replacements falls due. Service contracts and payment plans are available for all water filter replacements.