Bacteria Systems
With so many contaminated supplies in Ireland, the treatment of water for bacteria has become essential for any homeowner on a well.

Ultra Violet Treatment for bacteria has been used worldwide for many years to kill bacteria in water.
UV can be supplied for drinking water as an undersink unit or as a whole house unit. Installation of UV treatment is simple but effective.

Iron in Water
Iron in water generally visible in the form of brown rusty staining on your bathroom ware and staining on laundry. It can create many problems for plumbing and appliances and becomes very costly as well as inconvenient.

Manganese can be seen as little black tea leaf like particles. Iron & Manganese in water are easily treated with our Multi Media System which guarantees to remove 100% of Iron &Manganese from your water.

Iron Water Treatment
This top of the range Iron Treatment System uses the very best in media and technology.

High Grade Quality Media
This leading edge media removes iron,