About Us

About us

The Water Treatment Centre is a fully Irish owned family run business. We specialise in bringing quality water softeners and filters to homeowners and business owners throughout Ireland. We are part of the worlds’ largest manufacturers of water softeners in the world, ECOWATER who are in business for over 80 years across the world. When clients buy a water softener , they are very dependent on the supplier as they generally know very little about water softeners. It is important that you look at the service provided by your supplier as you are dependent on them to look after your water softener.

Our Water Softener Range

The quality of our products and servicehas been recognised by many in the water treatment business and we pride ourselves on guaranteed products and exceptional service. We believe that you get what you pay for and we can guarantee that if you pay for a quality water softener, with us, that is exactly what we deliver. In addition, we will back that up with professional installation, maintenance and customer care. We are the exclusive dealers of the world renowned products of ECOWATER who supply over 2 million water softeners every year. We supply a full range of Quality Water Softeners in a range of small, medium and large Water Softeners suitable for any home. We also supply a range of Water Softeners for commercial applications. We have selected the highest quality Water Softener, The Ecowater Softener for our customers. A premium product, manufactured, tested and approved by one single Manufacturer, Ecowater, and like you would expect, it arrives like any other appliance, in a box with a warranty direct from the manufacturer, Ecowater. These premium quality water softeners come with the best warranties in the business. Ecowater reflect the quality of their Water Softeners in the warranties they give to their customers like you. An Ecowater Warranty of up to 15 Years from the largest manufacturer of Water Softeners Worldwide, manufacturing Water Softeners for over 80 years now, is no ordinary warranty. Ecowater deliver your Water Softener with a bonded warranty and Consumer Protection Package. If you have an Ecowater Softener in your home, you will have the best quality water softener with the lowest running costs and the best warranty available. Complete Water Softeners like EcoWater Softeners are rare in the water treatment business. Most water softeners are assembled in a local company where various parts of the water softeners are sourced from various manufacturers of parts and then the water softener is assembled. Although many of these systems work and are very reliable, they have not been manufactured, tested and quality approved by any one single manufacturer. The warranty can be from several manufacturers. This means you are very dependent on the local company who assembles it to stand over the warranty and look after you. Some of these assembled systems are of good quality and prove very reliable but as they do not come direct from a manufacturer fully tested and quality approved with a warranty from a single manufacturer, they do not match the package offered by the Ecowater range of Water Softeners. The Ecowater range of water softeners offer the , nor do they match the smart digital technology and and that is just one reason why we highly recommend the Ecowater Range. The sleek modern design packed with leading edge digital smart technology unbeaten in the water softener market, is another reason why Ecowater range of water softeners have become a household brand in water softeners worldwide. Smart technology that means the water softener is the most economical water softener on the market and a well finished modern design to ensure it looks great in your home too. The Ecowater range of water softeners offer the best value for money over their lifetime of service in any home.